Why You Should Join

  • Exciting prize pool of USD 190,600 Go for it!
  • Lineup of immersive online events by experts from Web3
  • Network and build along with like-minded developers
  • Make the most of environment with the best dev resources, mentorship, environments and languages
  • Build on Polkadot with defined problem statements
  • Explore open-ended hackathons & pick your own problem statement!
  • Get hired by topline Web3 companies
  • Access to funding - springboard your ideas/project to success!


4 Hackathons

The largest Web3 Hackathon ever!


Our sponsors are with us in what we are building - the largest, global blockchain and Web3 ecosystem initiative from India! We have their support for next generation Web3 hackers. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring, we have exciting packages lined up so do reach out


Digital India ALT Hack is an innovative, full cycle 8 day education bootcamp with the objective of transitioning the student developer community seamlessly into Web3. The Alt Hacks are conducted in collaboration with Indian governments both at the state and center levels, Government Skill Boards and Engineering colleges.

The program is well curated and involves orientation (where students learn fundamentals of blockchain and Web3), Education & learning session (by expert trainers) and Ideation (where students are trained on ideation process and then subsequently present their Web3 ideas and implementation strategy before a jury). 3 winning teams are awarded Best Idea Certificates from IBC Media.

Digital India ALT Hack is open to all engineering students in India. College SPOCs, government bodies and state government also collaborate in optimizing the ALt Hack Program.

Eligibility criteria may vary based on specific requirements and guidelines for each Digital India ALT Hack edition. Students are required to take a quiz before the registration process and apply for their spot in the Digital India Alt Hack.

Registration details and procedures will be provided by the IBC Outreach and IBC Marketing Team responsible for Digital India ALT Hack. They will share registration links or portals where interested participants can sign up and provide the necessary information. Students can also register via the IBC Media website.

The assessment test is designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of participants to ensure a suitable level of competency for the Digital India ALT Hack program. Details about the assessment test, including the format, topics covered, and evaluation criteria, will be provided by the IBC team responsible for ALT Hack.

Please sign in to IBC Media’s Discord channel for regular updates.


Participants are selected based on their performance in the Assessment Test and other criteria specified by the IBC team. Invitations to participate in Digital India ALT Hack are sent to the selected individuals through email or other communication channels.

Please take the assessment quiz after signing up and logging in.

Please signup here

IBC Hack typically lasts eight days, during which participants attend the sessions and work on their projects. The IBC team will communicate the exact schedule and timeline to the participants. It is important to stay updated with the provided information to ensure active participation.

You can also check the IBC Media website for the program agenda which is normally shared 2 weeks prior to the event in that particular city.


Participating in Digital India ALT Hack offers numerous benefits for student developers.

  1. 1. A sure footing for participants to begin their Web3 journey
  2. 2. Learn the foundations of blockchain and Web3 from expert trainers, online speaker sessions, panel discussions etc
  3. 3. Ideate on Web3 ideas mentored by the best
  4. 4. Opportunity to present Web3 ideas before an audience and be eligible to win IBC Media Best Ideas certificate
  5. 5. Continue the Web3 journey with IBC CEP (Continuous Education Program) where you will deep dive into Web3 and blockchain technology taught by experts
  6. 6. Participants can kick off their IBC Internship Program journey where they will be eligible for grants, rewards & recognition, opportunities to begin a startup company and open avenues for topline jobs and careers in global Web3 & blockchain companies.

The IBC Outreach Team and Marketing Team will provide specific details regarding registration fees or costs, if any, during the registration process. Reviewing the registration guidelines and information provided to understand any associated fees is important.

During the Digital India ALT Hack, participants will be provided with the necessary resources and tools to support their project development. These may include access to development platforms, software tools, APIs, documentation, learning repository technical support. The IBC team will communicate the exact resources provided.

Yes, mentorship and guidance will be available during Digital India ALT Hack. Experienced mentors and industry professionals will be assigned to assist participants, provide guidance, and help navigate technical challenges or project-related queries.

The Web3 ideas will be judged based on predefined evaluation criteria, including innovation, use case relevance, go-to-market viability, technical implementation, problem-solving approach, usability, impact, and presentation. The judging process and criteria will be communicated to participants by the IBC team.

In every Digital India ALT Hack, 3 winning teams will be awarded IBC Best Ideas Certification on the last day (Day 8) of the program. One certificate is also awarded for the “Most Unique Idea

The Participation Certificates will be shared via the respective participating colleges.