Ibc Media Events

We at IBC Media believe in conducting flagship events to spread awareness about upcoming trends in technology and create unforgettable experiences for attendees, and sponsors . After executing 2018’s 3rd largest blockchain conference, and conducting the world largest Blockchain hackathon, IBC media is now conducting the world’s biggest blockchain developer conference - Genesis DevCon.

Our Flagship Events


Our flagship event that brings governments, industry, investors and innovators under one roof to create meaningful dialogue, which will benefit the Indian blockchain ecosystem.

 Genesis Hack

The blockchain industry needs more developers. And india has about 6 million of them! If even a fraction of this population decides to take up blockchain development, we will solve many problems in this technology. We are running the world’s largest blockchain developer programme, with over 5000 participants, with 400+ dapp submissions, concluding at india’s first blockchain devcon.

 Genesis DevCon

Genesis DevCon aims to bring top 1,000 blockchain developers in India through our vast community of 65,000 ready Developers under one roof along with key stakeholders in the blockchain community. We will also be hosting the top 100 finalists from our developer programme.

Our Media Partners