IBC Media’s massive 5-year agenda — An initiative to build the world’s largest blockchain and Web3 ecosystem!

13 Dec 2022

Ever since its first major Web3 and blockchain conference that was held in 2018, IBC Media has been playing a major role in the emergence of blockchain ecosystem development and other penultimate Web3 technologies.

IBC Media is armed with a massive 5-year agenda with the goal of onboarding 1000 engineering schools upskilled in Web 3 development, creating 1000 Dapps, 1 Mn Developers and 10 million retail investors.

Exciting next 5 years!

2022–23 is just the beginning of the blockchain revolution IBC 2.0. We have a clear-cut-out agenda of the events, conferences, and competitions that will be held in the next five years.

There will be a progressive increase in the number of events or competitions held by IBC Media which will happen on a yearly basis.

With support from Indian state governments, representatives of Polkadot, CasperLabs,
Tech Mahindra, and others we are well on point to create the largest, global blockchain and Web 3 ecosystem initiative from India.

IBC 2.0 — The second edition


IBC 2.0 is the second edition of IBC Media, the “continuum” of its first conference which was successfully held in 2018. We are associated with Indian state governments in building the largest, global blockchain and Web3 ecosystem initiative from India.

We are officially rolling out this year’s conference — IBC 2022–23 CONTINUUM! Bringing together like-minded people who want to contribute to the growth of Web3 and blockchain under one roof is the essence of the IBC 2.0 initiative.

The second edition — IBC 2.0- under the branding of IBC 2022–23 CONTINUUM the second edition (IBC 2.0) is already on and has an impressive event line up which includes 4 sequenced Hackathons, 4 sequenced Startup Pitch competitions leading up to the IBC Mega Conference in the first part of 2023.

Event line-up for 2022–23

Our team here at IBC Media has planned out a busy 2022–23 for all passionate blockchain connoisseurs!

We are bringing together all Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts such that they stay in the loop closely and engage with like-minded people to come up with significant tech innovations.

A whole lot of activities have been planned for the Conference including Panel Discussions, Hackathon Demo Days, Hackathon Winner Announcements, Networking, Keynote Speaker forums, NFT Gallery, Metaverse Gallery, and Job Fairs await passionate blockchain developers, stakeholders, and investors.

Online events will consist of workshops, fireside chats, and AMAs where like-minded blockchain enthusiasts can take part to get a feel of the current Web3 and blockchain technologies and innovations.

A part of IBC Media’s massive agenda, includes the IBC Education & Certification Program with special focus on students to help them become industry-ready Web 3 developers. This full-cycle program has an eclectic mix of orientation, training, brainstorming and ideation sessions, mentored by topline blockchain experts and Web3 trainers to handhold students in their Web 3.0 journey. Student incentives such as certificates, eligibility to vie for the mega prize pool in IBC online Hackathons are part of this agenda. Check out more details here

Three such on-ground Hackathons under the brand name Alt Hack will be held in Hyderabad, Vizag and Bengaluru. The first of these series was held at the Danube Auditorium, Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad which was a runaway success.

Here is a brief snapshot of Alt Hack, Hyderabad:

  • 1 State
  • 700 Schools outreach
  • 20,000 student registrations (both online and offline)
  • 8000 + qualified participants
  • 300 on ground participants
  • 400 online participants
  • 190 women participants
  • A significant number of online participants
  • 1300 ideas generated
  • 100+ teams ideas selected
  • 3 teams with best ideas awarded certificates at the closing ceremony (29th Nov, T-Hub, Hyderabad)

Check out the Alt Hack Fest, Hyderabad here https://linktr.ee/ibcmedia?s=08


IBC EMERGE Startup Pitch Competitions is another category of 4 sequenced competitions with the objective of providing Web3 and blockchain startup companies to showcase their ideas, vie for an attractive prize pool of USD 1 Million (USD 160,00 in cash and USD 840,00 in kind)

Startup companies will also be exposed to potential investors who are on the lookout for promising blockchain ideas. IBC EMERGE 1 has been conducted successfully with Bru Finance declared the winner. Registrations are open for IBC EMERGE 2. Read more here https://ibc.media/startup-pitch-competitions


What you can expect at IBC 2022–23 CONTINUUM

  • Global thought leadership perspectives: Real case studies and insightful talks from global leaders on blockchain evolution is the major highlight of IBC 2.0. Government initiatives in the same will be discussed in detail by key government officials and regulators.
  • Exhibitions: Exhibitions and innovations showcased from the innovators in blockchain around the globe.
  • Networking: Excellent networking opportunities with key blockchain and web 3 leaders and stakeholders coupled with informal meets and lounge interactions.
  • Workshops: A series of workshops with practical guidelines and insights from blockchain experts for the developer community and entrepreneurial minds to fuel their innovations.
  • NFT & Multiverse: NFT gallery, multiverse gallery to create an immersive experience of the disruptive universe of blockchain, Web 3 and emerging technologies



About IBC Media

IBC Media is building the largest, global, the largest, global blockchain ecosystem initiative from India. The company has a pioneering legacy of managing partnerships and establishing grassroot efforts in the Indian market.IBC Media’s debut event — IBC 2018 was a major success which had a confluence of top line government attendees, VCs, regulators, blockchain companies, speakers and sponsors.

IBC 2.0, the second edition in this series is the kick start to IBC’s massive 5 year agenda with a global focus of creating Web3 industry ready talent across 1000 engineering colleges, building 1000 DApps, a top line talent pool of 1 Mn developers and 10 Mn retail investors.


Stay up-to-date with all the events and conferences. Follow us on our social media channels, there’s lots happening! https://linktr.ee/ibcmedia?s=08

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