Don’t think twice-Build a Web3 career which will reap you great dividends in 2023

20 Feb 2023

Why you should be looking at a Web 3 career and what it holds for you!

With the Web3 market projected to land a turnover of an estimated $81.5 billion by FY 2030, there’s no arguing the fact that building a career in this field is highly appalling.

If you want to make good money and moreover do something significant in the tech space, Web3 is the way to go. All the tech giants, you name it, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and Meta are switching from mobile internet houses to the semantic web.

It’s out of the great realization that there’s significant upheaval in the way people interact with the internet in this age.

As the founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg puts it, the new internet is a place that people are inhabiting rather than just browsing.

Dapps, blockchain, metaverse and the proliferating age of AI are all taking a toll on the overall development of Web3, enabling passionate recipients to pursue a career in these fields.

A Great and Profitable Career in Web3!

If you’re pursuing a career in Web3 or in any other emerging technologies, you’ll be having questions hovering around your mind concerning your future and the prospects of a career in this field.

There’d be questions like what are the various careers you could build in Web3? What are the technical as well as non-technical positions that will be in most demand in top companies who are hiring for Web3 candidates?

Just read this article and you’ll have figured out which Web3 profile suits you the most. So let’s get started.

Types of high-demand Web3 careers you can pursue!

1. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is no longer a chant-word or buzzword that mystic techno freaks use while they’re trying to go Zen-like. Blockchain is one of the groundbreaking and emerging technologies in 2023 that has an ever-evolving fanbase, not just tech-savvy connoisseurs but real bad-ass tech companies.

Being a blockchain engineer, you can earn an average of a whopping $145,200 per year as per an authentic report.

Highly skilled blockchain developers can earn twice as much or even more. As blockchain coders use programming languages like C++, Rust, C++, Python, and Solidity to build blockchain applications, it’s only a matter of time before you master the same as you’re already familiar with some of the languages.

Being a blockchain developer in emerging tech is both exciting and challenging. As every company will require a specific kind of blockchain application that fits their requirements, there’s a diversity of options awaiting you.

2. Smart Contract Developer

In the world of decentralized applications, the smart contract is the legal manager or validator or whatever you want to call it. These pre-built, mutually-decided programs automatically verify the authenticity of a given transaction or any other deal involving two parties and regulate it accordingly.

Don’t be mind blown when we tell you that the average smart contract developer makes around $200,000 per year in the US. As smart contracts are legal binders in any business vertical be it finance, retail, supply chain, etc, technology is of crucial importance to the success of any decentralized app and that’s why companies are willing to pay such huge salaries.

As smart contracts are inherent to the particular blockchain ecosystem, there’s no such thing as learning one coding language to master its use cases. However, coding languages like Cadence, Clarity, and Solidity, are some popular languages to familiarize yourself with.

3. Unity Designer

The gaming industry is booming like never before with die-hard gamers positively responding to VR, AR, metaverse and the blockchain. Gaming unlike in the past is becoming a main source of revenue for players who invest in crypto coins and native digital assets and NFTs to facilitate P2E or play-to-earn.

Unity, being the largest and most powerful game engine, requires highly proficient Unity designers to invest their mind-power and create terrific games that offer surreal and life-changing experiences. Gaming in the metaverse is gaining huge traction and with excellent game designs, unity designers can draw huge salaries.

The average salary of a Unity designer in the US is $116,000.

4. Front-end Developer

Front-end developers are in huge demand and it makes a great Web3 career. Unlike the Web2 web and mobile applications where the UX is plain in most cases, user interfaces in Web3 are attempted to ignite a spark in the users.

Taking a look at modern metaverse and blockchain websites of established companies will give you an idea about the look and feel that’s appreciated from a Web3 application. The best part is that you can go all creative and explore various themes and colour branding. There’s no fixed rule in Web3 UI branding.

5. Other On-demand Web3 Roles

Every Web3 company will require candidates with several qualifications to fill in.

These are some of the technical and non-technical roles in which you can build your Web3 career:

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Niche-based blockchain developers
  • Solidity developers Ethereum smart-contract developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Metaverse developer
  • Sales community manager
  • Marketing lead
  • Content writer

Ready to build a Career in Web3?

So, now that you know of the major careers you can build in Web3, it’s time to choose which profile suits you best and pursue that field. In due time, with persistent efforts, skill and calibration, you’ll make yourself a name in the Web3 space and earn handsomely.

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