Our Accelerator

We curate promising Indian blockchain startups to build on your platform, delivering upto 5 investable companies in less than 3 months, while running countrywide developer roadshows with massive PR support.


Country-wide roadshows to evangelise your product


Each startup dApp will have at least 200 Daily Active Users (DAUs)


Showcase 10 fulltime startups using your protocol on Demo Day

Investor Contacts

Stall and branding at IBC and DevCon

developer community

A vast and active developer community

case study

A specific vide featurette and case study for your protocol


Our accelerator system is already benefiting some of the leading protocol players -

Æternity is a blockchain protocol is аn open-source decentralized apps platform utilizing next-generation, scalable, public blockchain technology. We are currently running Aeternity’s starfleet accelerator chapter in India, with over 30 startups participating, and adoption in over 50 PoCs.

The Eleven01 Protocol is India’s first ever native blockchain protocol that is fast and highly scalable. They aim to make blockchain technologies ready for real-world use starting from India as a beachhead market for public as well as private workloads. There are currently 12 working dApps on Eleven01 through the IBC Accelerator method.

Why India?

India has the potential to become a global blockchain powerhouse due to its thriving developer community, startup culture, and it’s proliferating userbase for technologies.

374 million
Smtartphone users

India’s smartphone user growth is set to dramatically increase in 2019 to ~500 million.

624 million
Internet users

he current political regime aims to increase this number to over 1 billion users by 2025.

6 million
Working developers

India’s blockchain developer community is proliferating with over 1 million engineering students graduating every year.

Emerging Tech

This number has reached over 5 years with a 13 - 15% increase YoY, with a 50% increase in advanced tech.

Blockchain startups
in India

This number has reached over 5 years with a 13 - 15% increase YoY, with a 50% increase in advanced tech.

Blockchain Ready

Majority of these developers are currently working on solidity and javascript based blockchains.

Startups from
Startup India

As of 2019, this number is just a fragment of the startups that the Government-led initiative - Startup India is funding additionally, they are training 2.34 lakh startups in the learning and development module.

Tech Startups

The number of tech startups in India took a to-be-precise 7.12x jump from 7,000 startups in 2008 to 50,000 startups in 2018.

About Us

The IBC Startup Accelerator is a managed accelerator for blockchain platforms. We aim to provide in-roads to India’s blockchain engineering talent to global blockchain platform companies. We aim to build purposeful relationships between startups, technologists, engineers, blockchain entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and enterprises to enable blockchain development.

Ibc Mentor Network

C P Gurnani


Mohandas Pai

Former CFO

Arun Seth

Trustee at NASSCOM

Rajesh Dhuddu

Blockchain Leader

Abhishek Pitti


Madhusudan kela

Former Chief

Salwa Muhammad

VP at Udacity Connect

Martin Dudley


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